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How Can I Start A Protection Insurance Claim? (PPI Claim)

Simply Enter Your Details In the “Request A PPI Refund” Form To The Upper Right Hand Side Of The Page… (Not currently accepting claims)

We do recommend that even if you are unsure about whether or not you have a valid complaint, you should contact us regardless because its very likely that it was mis sold and you may have a valid claim and we do work on a no win no fee* basis

How Likely Am I To Receive Compensation?

The likelihood that your claim will be a success depends one or two factors, the details of which we can only work out with further investigation:

Firstly whether or not your financial arrangements actually have ppi added, this may have been added without you knowing, and it is worth checking with our claims specialists, you can contact us by completing our ppi claim form to the top right of the page.

If You Have Any Of The Following Products, You Could Be Eligable To Claim PPI:

A Credit Card
Any Loans
Secured Loans
Hire Purchase Agreements
Finance For Any Purchases, Home Agreements, Or Store Cards. Let us help. If you feel you have been mis sold PPI, get in touch either by filling out the form on the right. Our friendly team will quickly work out whether you have a case. If you have, there is an excellent chance that you will get back all your premiums plus interest.

How Quickly Will My Protection Insurance Claim Complete?

Depends on several factors, how forthcoming you are with the information, how quickly you submit your details for investigation, whether or not you actually have PPI on your agreements, and other factors.

The best way to maximise your chances of success is to act quickly to get your information to us so that we can proceed with your case and reach a conclusion ASAP.

To Begin your payment protection insurance claim, submit your details to the “Request a PPI Refund” form at the upper right hand section of the page.

What Was The Judicial Ruling?

The Judicial Ruling was the courts’ ruling in May 2011 that states that any ppi policy that has been miss sold, and is found to be miss sold should have the policy, plus interest refunded to the consumer.

It was a ruling that was decided by the financial ombudsman in the month of May 2011.

What is the definition of PPI? (Payment Protection Insurance)

Payment protection insurance is a form of insurance that is intended to protect the borrower in the event that they are unable to make their payments to a given financial agreement due to a number of potential circumstances that may occur.

This is done by applying additional insurance charges to a financial policy/credit agreement.

Payment protection insurance, in principal is a useful form of protective financial backup, however the issues with ppi as a product, are more around the fact that in many cases it has been miss sold to people.

It is a policy that is most commonly attached to loans and mortgages, but is also featured on certain credit cards and even store cards in some cases.

What Exactly Constitutes “Miss Sold PPI?”

Basically, if ppi has been sold in a situation where it was unnecessary or in an environment where the individual was unaware that they have taken on the policy then it could be considered miss sold, however there are a number of ways that ppi has been miss sold and this is why it is a good idea to make contact with a claims adviser because they can investigate your complaint on a “no win no fee”* basis for you, with a low fee of 15% + Vat if the claim is a success.

To make contact with an adviser, simply request a refund at the upper right hand section of the page.

What is the average compensation payout on PPI Claims?

PPI claims can payout at many different amounts, this will depend on several factors but the two primary factors surrounding the average ppi payout are:

1/ The amount of money paid into the ppi policy and for how long (this is generally reimbursed with an interest rate of 8% per annum)

2/ The size of the loan/financial arrangement because this will have had a bearing on the size of the insurance policy, because payment protection insurance is designed to protect the consumer against the repayments in the even that they cannot pay them.

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